Cocktail Party and Fundraiser hosted by Maniac Magazine

Event Description: LadyFingers prepared cocktail party food including catered hors d’oeuvres and appetizers for “The White Party” fundraiser hosted by Maniac Magazine and held at the Smart House on Mt. Washington.

“You had the best food by far – we chased your servers around all night!” – a patron; “Thanks so much for you generous donation!” – Maniac Magazine (a catering reference is available from Pittsburgh area business)

Catering Menu

 Donated Appetizers:

Grilled Steak Rolls with Bourbon Dipping Sauce

Salmon and Pineapple Skewers with Chile Glaze

Buffalo Chicken Quesaadillas

Smoked Ham and Dijon Crepe Rolls

“Pina Colada” Soup Shots